Paulden Community School

every child - every chance - every day. 

Why ChooSE

Our School

  1. highly dedicated Instructors
  2. 5-Day school week
  3. spalding reading (ELA) curriculum
  4. Great Minds Wit & wisdom reading
  5. ​great minds geodes readers
  6. eureka math program
  7. accelerated readER & freckle math
  9. BRAINPOP history program

​The school's mission is to develop a diverse community of learners who support the concept of solid performance, to create an environment that places a high premium on human dignity and common decency, and to instill a lifelong interest in learning.

A mission-driven


Belief Statement: We believe that children learn best when they are drawn rather than pushed to learning. Their experiences encompass structured group interactions as well as teacher-directed activities, free-play, physical development, problem-solving and socialization, all across broad curricula.

24850 Naples Drive, Paulden, Arizona 86334

(928) 910-4425